Antonio Facchin & Figli

Winemakers since 1870

Back in 1870, when the "Raboso Piave" was confined to few hectares, Antonio Facchin laid the foundations for his winery by setting-up the first vineyards and producing the first wine in Casa Facchin.
Today the winery works 70 hectares and  different varieties of vine such as the white vine varieties Prosecco DOC Treviso, Pinot Grigio and Manzoni Bianco.
The red vine varieties include  Raboso DOC del Piave "Géron" and the popular Cabernet DOC Piave "Barucchella", Cabernet Franc, Merlot as well as the Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.
"Caminada", made from dessicated Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 grapes and "Samtrà", a blend of Sauvignon, Manzoni and Traminer, are two of the most extraordinary wines.
The winery also offers a good selection of  Grappa such as the "Fior di Raboso" made from Raboso straw wine and Grappa.


A precious legacy passed on through generations. ANTONIO FACCHIN pursues a philosophy that combines strictly traditional methods with research and innovation.

As Philippe Margot puts it: «A good wine is always a symphony of four motions, performed at the rhythm of the seasons. The sun, the soil, the climate and the vineyards give shape to the opera, while the vintner, a soloist, sets the cadence».

Our Passiona driving force

Our wines are deeply bonded to our family traditions, rooted to our soil and our location but they’re also a result of a thorough research and therefore a synonym of innovation, extensive study and passion. Season after season, these strong driving forces help us achieve new goals.

Angelo and Giuseppe, Oenologists at the Winery Antonio Facchin


Over the last years, the winery has been awarded international prizes, such as:

  • Gran Menzione International Contest “Vinitaly” 2015 (ROCCOLO - CARMENERE)
  • Gold Medal Vinitaly 2014 (PROSECCO FRIZZANTE)
  • Gran Menzione International Contest "Vinitaly" 2010 (Géron 2004)
  • Silver Medal International Contest "Selezione del sindaco" 2009 (Caminada 2007)
  • Gran Menzione International Contest "Vinitaly" 2009 (Cabernet DOC Piave "Barucchella 2004")
  • Gold Medal International Contest "Selezione del sindaco" 2008 (Caminada 2006)
  • Acknowledgement for the artistic label with best design, International Contest "Selezione del sindaco" 2008 (Cabernet DOC Piave "Barucchella 2004")
  • Gran Menzione International Contest "Vinitaly" 2008 (Cabernet DOC Piave 2006)
  • Silver Medal  International Contest "Selezione del sindaco" 2007 (Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 2006)
  • Silver Medal  International Contest "Selezione del sindaco" 2007 (Cabernet DOC Piave 2006)
  • Silver Medal  International Contest "Selezione del sindaco" 2006 (Raboso DOC Piave 2006)
  • Gold Medal  International Contest "Selezione del sindaco" 2001 (Cabernet DOC Piave 1998)